Final Theme

Here is work for the Final Assignment in class, I am currently working on a movie story in which a young boy takes interest in the highly regarded vehicles of the future. these vehicles have been created and given freedom of independent action by the worlds best builders. the cars were a project created in a city in which all of the worlds best builders lived, and once the cars were built, they were too good for the creators to tame them. They now stand, mostly uncaught, free for the public. The town in relatively closed off and it takes training and proving your self worth to get there. once the young boy took interest he found that his grandfather was one of the top beast-car wranglers of his day, and he even tamed the biggest, baddest one known to man. Owl, the boy, grows up and moves to the city to find a young lady is also moving in alongside him. Magnolia, turns out to be a completely horrible person and no one likes her. they become rivals and the story continues on from their.

parade rough

city environments

owl rough



magnolia car

mega beast

Japanese Mythology Game Theme

For this assignment each student was given a culture’s mythology to research and turn into a story. I received Japan’s mythology and I decided to develop a story out of the seven gods of luck. More progress on the way, but this is all so far.


game play chasing hotei


Jackie the Stripper

For this weeks assignment we were told to create monsters, I chose to create a stripper who isn’t as good looking as she seems, because when she goes outside during the day she looks like a bridge troll. This gives meaning to the phrase “queen in the club but an ogre outside”.